Posted on February 28th, 2013

When you are buying or selling real estate in Queensland it is vital that you use experienced conveyancing lawyers.

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If you would like piece of mind knowing you have a highly experienced conveyancing lawyer handling your purchase or sale at a very low fixed fee then fill out our simple form or call us today on 1300 183 457.

The Process:

gm law step by step

gm law step by step

Fill in Our Simple Form Or Call Us Today On 1300 183 457

We will itemise the searches that we suggest are undertaken and why as well as others you may wish to consider

Once the searches are decided we perform them

We organise settlement of your purchase or sale.

Our Fixed Fee is extremely competitive and is designed to give you complete peace of mind that your purchase or sale is being handled by experienced professionals at a very low cost. Click here for other terms and conditions.