Posted on February 7th, 2013


Residential Contracts including Community Title
We list below the standard searches we believe are necessary to complete the purchase of the property.
In addition to the below searches, there are other searches that we recommend you consider depending on your future plans for the property, the specific nature of the property and your other requirements. For a detailed list of all additional searches, see our List of Optional Searches.
We only charge the actual amount of the search costs charged by the search provider and no more.
We do not add markups.

The cost of searches may vary from one Council to another.
Please note that some conveyancers do not include the cost of certain searches when they are providing quotes. For example, a local authority search may not be included. This search will tell us if the Council has issued notices against the Property. The failure to do this search could expose the Buyer to substantial additional costs after settlement. We do not cut corners when the cost to you in doing so may be substantial.
Once we receive your contract, we will confirm what searches you would like us to obtain.
To see the list of optional searches please click here.
To read our terms and conditions please click here.