Medium Sized Legal Firm Offers Outstanding Client Service

Choosing a solicitor to handle a legal matter is sometimes quite difficult for many people, especially those who have not had any previous need but find themselves in a situation where they urgently require legal advice. Very large firms can be quite impersonal and expensive, while small practices with just one or two solicitors can provide quality client service but may lack experience in lesser-known areas of the law.

It is refreshing, therefore, to find a group of lawyers who fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. GM Lawyers have been practising since 1994 so they not only have longevity, but they are also active and up to date in a range of legal services. Their rates are very competitive and they will provide quotes for their services on request.

Stability in Staff Turnover an Indicator of Harmony

As anyone in the human resource industry can verify, the best way to assess the culture of an organisation is by its staff turnover. If people are constantly leaving, there is usually a job satisfaction issue. However, in an organisation where there is supportive management and challenging work, staff are happy and will stay on. Staff members at GM Lawyers are all long standing, well trained, experienced and dedicated to looking after the needs of their clients.

This stability is noticed by clients and appreciated when they contact the office after many months and are able to speak to the same staff member who originally handled their issue. They don’t have to go through the annoying and frustrating experience of telling their story several times before they are put through to the right person, because the right person is always there.

Glowing Client Reviews on Public Display

GM Lawyers are not afraid to put fantastic conveyancing solicitors reviews on their website. These reviews are genuine because they are attributed by a client who was so thrilled with their service that he allowed the use of his real name to be made public. He is a property developer who has used their services for over 15 years and is delighted with their knowledge of property law, their exemplary service and the reasonable fees.

This is just one client who is thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and personal service he has received. There have been many others over the years who have been assisted with all types of property transfers including residential, commercial or industrial property, preparing or reviewing retail or commercial leases and assisting in the buying or selling of businesses. They also are experienced at preparing wills and powers of attorney and winding up deceased estates.

Prepare to be delighted when you approach the friendly staff at GM Lawyers with your legal issues.