Posted on May 2nd, 2012


Buying or selling commercial real estate often demands a more comprehensive legal process than required for residential conveyancing. GM Lawyers specialise is Property Law and is able to carefully guide you through the steps necessary to enable a satisfactory conclusion to this process. The first step is to ensure that the terms of the contract adequately cater for your expectations because the terms of the contract are the corner stone of your rights and obligations as against the other party . With this in mind, it is essential that you consult us prior to undertaking a commercial conveyance. Issues that you need to turn your mind to that need to be dealt with in the drafting of the contract extend beyond purchase price and settlement date For instance –
  • What are the buyers rights if a third party ( e.g tenant, body corporate, or local authority) possesses rights which are in direct competition?
  • Has the seller complied with all state an federal laws relating to retail shop leases, environmental protection, asbestos , gst.?
  • How does the sellers compliance or non compliance with state or federal law, affect the buyer?
  • Should the buyer negotiate a due diligence period to conduct enquires of special interest to both parties?
The above list is not an exhaustive one. There are a multitude of other issues that need to be addressed during the course of this process.
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