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Posted on May 2nd, 2012

We are Knowledgeable Residential Conveyancers

If you are buying or selling residential real estate GM Lawyers is able to offer legal assistance at competitive rates. Whilst we provide competitive rates we do not cut corners. A comprehensive conveyancing service is provided and we follow the Queensland Conveyancing Protocol which is a comprehensive document setting out the standards that a prudent conveyancing solicitor is required to meet.
We recommend you contact us prior to signing the contract if you have any queries regarding the meaning or legal consequences of any of the terms of your contract that you propose to sign. We think this is important, because often clauses in contracts can have a different legal meaning than the one you intended.
GM Lawyers under the direct supervision of Gerard Pagliaro takes great care in seeing that your rights throughout the residential conveyancing process are met. Service is of paramount importance to us and every effort is made to ensure that the residential conveyancing process is followed to your maximum advantage and convenience. Therefore it is important to us that you understand, if you engage our services, this means that you may call us at any time and you can expect a prompt response to any queries you may have during the course of the residential conveyance.